Since 1981, the ONS Foundation has uniquely supported oncology nurses in their professional goals.

Established on November 27, 1981, by the Oncology Nursing Society, the Oncology Nursing Society Foundation (originally named Oncology Nursing Foundation) is a national public, non-profit, tax-exempt, charitable organization headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and dedicated solely to supporting oncology nurses both nationally and internationally.

The ONS Foundation has established its base of support primarily from corporations, foundation, and individuals including the members of the Oncology Nursing Society. Since its founding in 1981, the Foundation has distributed more than $26 million in research grants, research fellowships, academic scholarships, lectures, public education projects, career development awards, ONS Congress scholarships, and oncology advanced practice nurse conference scholarships.

Support through the ONS Foundation helps oncology nurses advance their careers, ultimately bringing a higher level of care to countless patients living with cancer.