Emerging Chapter Leader Scholarships

2017 Emerging Chapter
Leader Congress
Scholarship Recipients

  • April Baker

    April Baker

  • Kristina Brown

    Kristina Brown

  • Jimanesha Carmouche

    Jimanesha Carmouche

  • Hayley Dunnack

    Hayley Dunnack

  • Lisa Ecklund

    Lisa Ecklund

  • Rebekah Flynn

    Rebekah Flynn

  • Cynthia Hedrick

    Cynthia Hedrick

  • Nicole Heyman

    Nicole Heyman

  • Sarah Kincaid

    Sarah Kincaid

  • Angela Knox

    Angela Knox

  • Faith Lasher

    Faith Lasher

  • Keisha Lester

    Keisha Lester

  • Kristin Maloney

    Kristin Maloney

  • Brittany Myers

    Brittany Myers

  • Keri Nace Mercer

    Keri Nace Mercer

  • Emily Purdy

    Emily Purdy

  • Jordyn Southard

    Jordyn Southard

  • Shay R. Texas

    Shay R. Texas

  • Charissa Wynn

    Charissa Wynn

Funded by ONS – Lilly Oncology Advancing Patient Care Project though the ONS Foundation

Purpose: To recognize emerging oncology nursing ONS Chapter leaders.

Scholarship: Not Currently available.