Bachelor's in Nursing Degree Scholarship

2018 ONS Foundation
Bachelor's Scholarship

  • Sherry Bean

    Sherry Bean

  • brenda blickhan

    Brenda Blickhan

  • Judeth Bowyer

    Judeth Bowyer

  • Melissa Carver

    Melissa Carver

  • Johnna Chapman

    Johnna Chapman

  • Kaycee Crist

    Kaycee Crist

  • Denise Deblois

    Denise DeBlois

  • courtney-deyarmond

    Courtney Deyarmond

  • Ljeoma Ebirim

    Ijeoma Ebirim

  • Jessica Fate

    Jessica Fate

  • Katey Ferguson

    Katey Ferguson

  • Isabelle Fidler

    Isabelle Fidler

  • Katie Fitzpatrick

    Katie Fitzpatrick

  • Cherie Fiedler

    Cherie Fiedler

  • Cathy Griffith

    Cathy Griffith

  • Jennifer Hacker

    Jennifer Hacker

  • Lanesha Jackson

    Lanesha Jackson

  • Megan Janssen

    Megan Janssen

  • Kara Jordan

    Kara Jordan

  • anne laine

    Anne Laine

  • Maura Mcgonigle

    Maura McGonigle

  • Christelle Perr'tiangha

    Christelle Perrtiangha

  • Pattie Powers

    Pattie Powers

  • Laurie Robbins

    Laurie Robbins

  • amy ruskusky

    Amy Ruskusky

  • Esmeralda Sutton

    Esmeralda Sutton

  • Michelle Shipley

    Michelle Shipley

  • Miranda Wood

    Miranda Wood

  • Heather Zyzys

    Heather Zyzys

All awards, grants and scholarships are tentative and subject to change based on funding availability.

Supported by the ONS Foundation, Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation and Oncology Practice Alliance, Inc.

Purpose: To provide scholarships to individuals who are interested in and committed to oncology nursing and pursuing a baccalaureate degree in nursing.


  • The candidate must be enrolled for their senior year of a bachelor of nursing degree program at an NLN or CCNE accredited School of Nursing in the 2019-2020¬†academic year.
  • Bachelor's scholarships awarded annually at $3,000 to $5,000 each
  • Scholarships are available to individuals who are pursuing a bachelor's degree in nursing.
    • Individuals who are currently licensed as a registered nurse.
    • Individuals who are not currently licensed as a registered nurse but have a bachelors degree in another field.
    • Individuals who do not currently hold an RN license and do not have a college degree. Applicant must be enrolled in the nursing component of the program.

Note: An individual cannot receive this award more than one time.

Application Deadline: February 1, 2019 - Check back for the Application after September 15. 

2018 ONS Foundation Bachelor's Scholarship Recipients