Congress Scholarships

2016 ONS Foundation
Congress Scholarship

  • Missy Andres

    Missy Andres

  • Kalene Anundson

    Kalene Anundson

  • Pam Bowman

    Pam Bowman

  • Caitlin Braithwaite

    Caitlin Braithwaite

  • Jane Burgos

    Jane Burgos

  • Marianne Casale

    Marianne Casale

  • Christine Cascio

    Christine Cascio

  • Deborah Christensen

    Deborah Christensen

  • Donna Clark

    Donna Clark

  • Kelly Cole

    Kelly Cole

  • Stacy Crane

    Stacy Crane

  • Kaitlin Darkes

    Kaitlin Darkes

  • Linda DeGothseir

    Linda DeGothseir

  • Kaitlyn Drew

    Kaitlyn Drew

  • Gerry Finkelston

    Gerry Finkelston

  • Melissa Fox

    Melissa Fox

  • Heather Harris

    Heather Harris

  • Megan Hoffman

    Megan Hoffman

  • Christen Hughes

    Christen Hughes

  • Chelsea Immel

    Chelsea Immel

  • Ashley Jones

    Ashley Jones

  • Jane Lacovara

    Jane Lacovara

  • Laura Lee

    Laura Lee

  • Caroline Lochner

    Caroline Lochner

  • Pauline Lubarsky

    Pauline Lubarsky

  • Heather Mackey

    Heather Mackey

  • Habiba Mahuna

    Habiba Mahuna

  • Julianna Manske

    Julianna Manske

  • Julie May

    Julie May

  • Amy McCoy

    Amy McCoy

  • Ann McDonald

    Ann McDonald

  • Margie McDonald

    Margie McDonald

  • Sharon Mead

    Sharon Mead

  • Judy Miller

    Judy Miller

  • Connie Nguyen-Truong

    Connie Nguyen-Truong

  • Pam Paplham

    Pam Paplham

  • Ellen Parks

    Ellen Parks

  • Barbara Paxson

    Barbara Paxson

  • Lindsey Radcliff

    Lindsey Radcliff

  • Renee Rainey

    Renee Rainey

  • Monica Ralph

    Monica Ralph

  • Brittnee Ramsey

    Brittnee Ramsey

  • Emily Rush

    Emily Rush

  • Kimberly Russell

    Kimberly Russell

  • Martha Schmelzer

    Martha Schmelzer

  • Susan Shaw

    Susan Shaw

  • Vickie Shifflett

    Vickie Shifflett

  • Jennifer Starling

    Jennifer Starling

  • Angela Stewart

    Angela Stewart

  • Tiffany Stump

    Tiffany Stump

  • Lois B. Sutphin

    Lois B. Sutphin

  • Sherrie Turner

    Sherrie Turner

  • Brittany Vincent

    Brittany Vincent

  • Carli Viola

    Carli Viola

  • Elizabeth Wall

    Elizabeth Wall

  • Gwendolyn Walton

    Gwendolyn Walton

  • Qi Wang

    Qi Wang

  • Sandra Wiles

    Sandra Wiles

  • Theresa Zielinski

    Theresa Zielinski

All awards, grants and scholarships are tentative and subject to change based on funding availability.

Purpose : To support a registered nurse interested in improving cancer care by developing their personal knowledge as a result of attending the ONS Congress and sharing this new knowledge with others. 

Scholarship Recipients will receive an educational grant for up to $1,200 to apply toward ONS Congress registration, travel to and from Congress and per diem Congress expenses.  The Congress registration fee will be automatically deducted from the grant prior to payment.  

Individuals living or working within a 50 mile radius of the conference location are eligible to receive the conference registration fee only. The Congress registration fee will be paid directly to ONS.

NOTE: An individual cannot receive this scholarship more than one time.

Application Deadline: December 1, 2017 (check back after September 1, 2017) for the 2018 Congress Scholarship application.

2016 Congress Scholarship Recipients