Congress Scholarships

2017 ONS Foundation
Congress Scholarship

  • Margot Albin

    Margot Albin

  • Rebecca Anderson

    Rebecca Anderson

  • Jinbing Bai

    Jinbing Bai

  • Deborah Baldassarre

    Deborah Baldassarre

  • Sarah Belcher

    Sarah Belcher

  • Paula Blackmon

    Paula Blackmon

  • Christina Boord

    Christina Boord

  • Kimberly Bosket

    Kimberly Bosket

  • Jennifer Briden

    Jennifer Briden

  • Danielle Brown

    Danielle Brown

  • Lyndsay Burkhart

    Lyndsay Burkhart

  • Rustica Cerillo

    Rustica Cerillo

  • Chutima Chantamit-o-pas

    Chutima Chantamit-o-pas

  • Janet Clark

    Janet Clark

  • Jennifer Clark

    Jennifer Clark

  • Lisa Collinsgru

    Lisa Collinsgru

  • Bobbi Cool

    Bobbi Cool

  • Sherri Costa

    Sherri Costa

  • Alleta Cassacchia

    Alleta Cassacchia

  • Janice DallaCosta

    Janice DallaCosta

  • Stacie Davis

    Stacie Davis

  • Stephanie DeCastro

    Stephanie DeCastro

  • Ashley Dennis

    Ashley Dennis

  • Jill Dobias

    Jill Dobias

  • Hallie Draegert

    Hallie Draegert

  • Catherine D’Reaux

    Catherine D’Reaux

  • Amber Dunlap

    Amber Dunlap

  • Carol Fitzgerald

    Carol Fitzgerald

  • Jen Galdys

    Jen Galdys

  • Rebecca Ganzon

    Rebecca Ganzon

  • Jennifer Gernat

    Jennifer Gernat

  • Anna Gross

    Anna Gross

  • Ellaine Haroz

    Ellaine Haroz

  • Kelly Hein

    Kelly Hein

  • Donna Heslep

    Donna Heslep

  • Mary Hill

    Mary Hill

  • John Hillson

    John Hillson

  • Linda Hinnenkamp

    Linda Hinnenkamp

  • Vivian Huang

    Vivian Huang

  • Nicole Iannone

    Nicole Iannone

  • Pamela Johanson

    Pamela Johanson

  • Margaret Karas

    Margaret Karas

  • Kristie Keil

    Kristie Keil

  • Mohammad Khan

    Mohammad Khan

  • Lisa Klempner

    Lisa Klempner

  • Anne Kolenic

    Anne Kolenic

  • Elaine Langreck

    Elaine Langreck

  • Chelsea Lipin

    Chelsea Lipin

  • Jessica Lyon

    Jessica Lyon

  • Anastasia Maley

    Anastasia Maley

  • Mary Malkiel

    Mary Malkiel

  • Stacy Mattila

    Stacy Mattila

  • Danielle McClennen

    Danielle McClennen

  • Pamela McLaghlin

    Pamela McLaghlin

  • Gretchen McNally

    Gretchen McNally

  • Faye McNaull

    Faye McNaull

  • Jessica Meadows

    Jessica Meadows

  • Kristen Mensen

    Kristen Mensen

  • Jaclyn Merkel-Bryant

    Jaclyn Merkel-Bryant

  • Wanette Miles

    Wanette Miles

  • Colleen Moore

    Colleen Moore

  • Samantha Muhlbach

    Samantha Muhlbach

  • Catherine Mullen

    Catherine Mullen

  • Amanda Myers

    Amanda Myers

  • Kelly Nader

    Kelly Nader

  • Miranda Naegele

    Miranda Naegele

  • Anna Nagengast

    Anna Nagengast

  • Sylvia Osunsuyi-Fagbemi

    Sylvia Osunsuyi-Fagbemi

  • Sara Owens

    Sara Owens

  • Jonny Parmer

    Jonny Parmer

  • Jennifer Peterson

    Jennifer Peterson

  • Julia Potts

    Julia Potts

  • Faith Reynolds

    Faith Reynolds

  • Mandy Riley

    Mandy Riley

  • Desirae Rogers

    Desirae Rogers

  • Laurie Rudolph

    Laurie Rudolph

  • Cynthia Samborski

    Cynthia Samborski

  • Michelle Santizo

    Michelle Santizo

  • Elizabeth Scarsella

    Elizabeth Scarsella

  • Angela Simic

    Angela Simic

  • Jenna Snyder

    Jenna Snyder

  • Karen Summers

    Karen Summers

  • Thiruppavai Sundaramurthi

    Thiruppavai Sundaramurthi

  • Kelli Szparka

    Kelli Szparka

  • Marie Thomas

    Marie Thomas

  • Sara Thomas

    Sara Thomas

  • Bonnie Toaso

    Bonnie Toaso

  • Kaitlyn Umphrey

    Kaitlyn Umphrey

  • Anthea Van Wyk

    Anthea Van Wyk

  • Marcia Waldron

    Marcia Waldron

  • Christine Wallace

    Christine Wallace

  • Andrea Wearden

    Andrea Wearden

  • Barbara Wenger

    Barabara Wenger

  • Meagan Whisenant

    Meagan Whisenant

  • Rebecca Whitmer

    Rebecca Whitmer

  • Tashawa Williams

    Tashawa Williams

  • Betsy Yi

    Betsy Yi

  • Katelyn Yoder

    Katelyn Yoder

All awards, grants and scholarships are tentative and subject to change based on funding availability.

Purpose : To support a registered nurse interested in improving cancer care by developing their personal knowledge as a result of attending the ONS Congress and sharing this new knowledge with others. 

Scholarship Recipients will receive an educational grant for up to $1,200 to apply toward ONS Congress registration, travel to and from Congress and per diem Congress expenses.  The Congress registration fee will be automatically deducted from the grant prior to payment.  

Individuals living or working within a 50 mile radius of the conference location are eligible to receive the conference registration fee only. The Congress registration fee will be paid directly to ONS.

NOTE: An individual cannot receive this scholarship more than one time.

Application Deadline: December 1, 2018

2017 Congress Scholarship Recipients