2018 Dissertation Research Grant Funding (RE03)

Letters of Intent due: September 1, 2018 (Separate Application)

LOI Acceptance Notifications: September 6, 2018

Upon Acceptance of LOI, Dissertation Research Grant Applications due: October 1, 2018

Application Due: October 1, 2018

Funding Available: December 2018

Purpose of Research Dissertation Grant: To support oncology nursing research PhD/DNSc dissertations. Funding preference is given to research that addresses the ONS Research Agenda. Dissertation research grants are for general investigator-initiated oncology topics.

Eligibility: The principal investigator (PI) must be a registered nurse (RN) actively pursuing a career in some aspect of cancer patient care, education, or research and be a PhD/DNSc student. The PI is primarily responsible for implementing this grant and reporting to the ONS Foundation. Funding preference is given to projects that promote theoretically based oncology practice. Membership in ONS is not required.

Funding: Grants up to $5,000 are available. Maximum funding period is for two years from the receipt of the award notification (November). Funds will be released when all required paperwork is received. "No cost" extensions are NOT permitted.

General Information: A letter of intent (LOI) is due 1 month prior to the application submission date. The LOI is used to verify the proposed dissertation meets the purpose of the grant, research team composition and to select qualified reviewers. Investigators will be notified to proceed with full application or if their project does not fit the purpose for this application. Submission and acceptance of a LOI does not imply that the applicant will receive funding. Dissertation Grant applications without an approved letter of intent will not be considered for funding.

Letter of Intent due: September 1

Access to Grantmaker online: Dissertation Research Grant RE03-Letter of Intent

Applications submitted without prior Letter of Intent approval will be denied without review. Do not complete and submit the application unless you have received notification that your Letter of Intent has been accepted by the ONS Foundation.

Application due: October 1

Access to Grantmaker Online: Dissertation Research Grant RE03-Application