The Launch of the Year-Round Fund for Oncology Nurses

The ONS Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of the Year-Round Fund for Oncology Nurses. This new, year-round fundraising campaign is built on the fact that oncology nurses have financial needs for continued support in areas of educational scholarships, research funding, and enhancing their leadership skills on a year-round basis. 

It’s extremely important for oncology nurses to know that many individuals, corporations, and other organizations deeply believe in the specialized care that only they can provide. Throughout 2014, more than 1,100 donors offered generous contribution of all amounts in support of the ONS Foundation’s programming.  The new Year-Round Fund for Oncology Nurses provides an outlet for these caring investors in oncology nursing to continue to recognize the tremendous work of oncology nurses through their own personal philanthropy, while providing the financial means to allow the continued scholarships, grants, and awards programs offered by the ONS Foundation to thrive all for the benefit of oncology nurses and the patients they serve. 

Like you, the Year-Round Fund for Oncology Nurses is dedicated to enhancing the care patients with cancer receive throughout the year. Our thanks to those who believe so much in the importance of making sure that today and tomorrow’s oncology nurses have the support they need to be the best for those who need them so much. To be part of the Year-Round Fund for Oncology Nurses in 2015, click here and select Year-Round Fund for Oncology Nurses from the drop down menu.