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International Cancer Research Partnership

ONS Foundation finds good company in addressing cancer research priorities


The International Cancer Research Partnership’s (ICRP) mission is to add value to cancer research efforts internationally by fostering collaboration and strategic coordination between cancer research organizations. The ICRP is a partnership of cancer research organizations from around the world who are united in this mission. 

The ONS Foundation is pleased to be an ICRP partner since the ICRP inception in 2000, which has led to the recognition of nursing research contributions in the international cancer research community. The ONS Foundation is the only partner organization whose focus is research related to nursing care of people with cancer, thus providing a unique perspective.

Through a collaborative effort of the participating organizations, and under the leadership of the National Cancer Institute and Medical Research Program of the U.S. Department of Defense, a classification system called the Common Scientific Outline (CSO) has been created. The CSO enables coordinated strategic planning among the partner organizations for discussing, comparing and presenting cancer research portfolios. A websitewas developed recently to provide an accessible data base and to add a public face to the ICRP.


Organizations are able to conduct their own analyses of the portfolio to help inform their own strategic planning. ONS Foundation News readers can put in “nursing,” “nursing research,” “symptoms,” or any other topic of interest to you to try out the search function. 

As a result of the ICRP Data Report started in 2012, oncology nursing professionals can also view the unique contributions of the ONS Foundation Research Grant Program to a public audience and other cancer research funding organizations. The report, supported in part by the ONS Foundation, highlights the origins of ICRP, key analyses from the calendar years 2005–2008, and information about the cancer research landscape, as well as trends in research activity for the future.


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